Ferns and Christmas Lights... Akron, OH

I have primarily dedicated this site to my interest in growing ferns outdoors in Akron, Ohio (zone 5 USDA). I have collected and grow over 100 different types of hardy ferns. I provide feedback on some of my successes and some of my failures. I have pictures and descriptions of nearly every fern I have, categorized by various characteristics. I also have a fern-naming game for some common and/or distinctive ferns. While most of the information on my ferns comes from my experience, some info, such as where the ferns are native to comes from the various fern books I have listed. I also list some sources for Hardy Ferns. If you're interested in Christmas lights you'll also want to check out my family's decorations. The Map link has driving directions if you're close. The lights are on 5:30-11:30 nightly all of December. Roller Coaster running hours are 6:30-9:30 nightly.